North Campus Residence Complex

North Campus Residence Complex

The North Campus Residence Complex includes both the large Midrise building and the individual Townhouse units.

Upper-class students can request four-person accommodations in either the Midrise or the Townhouses, both of which feature carpeting, air conditioning, storage spaces, and full kitchens. A community quiet study area and the North Campus computer lab are located on the first floor of the Midrise; both spaces are accessible to Midrise and Townhouse residents. Laundry facilities are located on each floor in the Midrise as well, and the first- floor Marketplace serves as a convenience store for all Southern students. Students living in on-campus apartments with a kitchen are required to purchase a per-semester block meal plan.

Room Features: Four beds, four desks, four chairs, four dressers, four closets, two bathrooms; two couches, end and coffee tables, dining table and four chairs

Midrise Room Size: 16 x 11

Townhouse Room Size: 15 x 11


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